Songs for Speech… Let’s start with the ABCs!

For years I have been collecting and writing songs that can be used to encourage various sounds of the alphabet when working with younger children. Many of the children I work with LOVE to sing and have improved articulation from singing these very songs in my music therapy sessions. I decided to share some of my favorite songs that you can easily access on iTunes so that you can have a go-to list of great songs which can help develop pronunciation and articulation with your child! All of the songs below are linked to either a youtube video or audio clip of the song. Enjoy!


The Basics: The Vowels

The simplest sounds we first make are the vowels. Vowels do not require as much movement from our lips as other letters which is why they develop the quickest. Use these songs to practice singing the vowels with your child:

22 Matilda The Gorilla– Lynn Kleiner

“The Raindrop Song”– Barney

“The Witch Doctor”– Alvin and the Chipmunks

Let’s Get the Lips Involved: B, M, D and P

Several of the earliest sounds to develop include the B, M, D and P sounds. Mommy, Daddy, Puppy, Ball… these are some of the early words for children to learn to pronounce. Here are some songs that are great for helping develop and perfect these beginning sounds!

“Buzz Buzz”– Laurie Berkner

“Bibbiti Bobbity Boo”– From Cinderella

“Dee Dee Dee”– Sesame Street

“(P Is) My Favorite Letter”- Sesame Street

“M is for Mouth Music“- Sesame Street

And Now the Tongue: The Letter “L”

I am sure that everyone has heard a small child speak who struggles with pronouncing the L sound correctly. My name for example, is one that nearly all of my kiddos have trouble pronouncing because it involves use of the tongue in pronouncing the L sound, not only once, but twice! Developing awareness of the tongue’s use in pronouncing words is very important especially for a child who is struggling with this sound. Practicing the La La La is a great effective way to develop this awareness. The first song to come to mind is Deck the Halls which repeats this “la” sound constantly throughout the song. But what if it isn’t Christmas? Check out these great songs for developing the L sound:

“La La Lemon”- Sesame Street (the BareNaked Ladies also have a great version of this song for kids)

“Lolly Lolly”– Hullaballoo

“Skip to My Lou”– Traditional Folk Song


Practice makes perfect when it comes to speech development. So practice with your child daily! It’s as simple as singing a song together in the car or while playing. I hope you find these songs useful and fun when working with your child on their speech development!

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    thank you big time! these songs are all helpful.

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