#ThursdayTherapyTune: Songwriting with Older Adults

IMG_5201Finally it is the first day of Spring! I couldn’t help but share the lyrics to this song written by a group of mine a few weeks ago. We actually used the very same songwriting example I shared in the Music Therapy Life Hack #1 post. Songwriting is something that many therapists implement in sessions to help elderly clients express themselves, reminisce and socialize. I use songwriting quite often and my groups love it. The act of writing a song opens the door for discussion in a noninvasive manner and often times motivates those who are not as social to take part in the process. In addition, working together as a group to create a song brings about smiles, comradery,  creativity and most often times reminiscence. Soundscape Music Therapy and Music Sparks also provide some great resources for songwriting with older adults worth checking out if you are interested in implementing songwriting with your eldercare groups.

So on with the therapy tune! This particular songwriting day, snow was on the ground, leaves were blowing everywhere and it was COLD! The group was eager to explore ideas and share their favorite parts of springtime which resulted in a song the group rewrote together. So here are the lyrics written by a group of elderly men and women in a skilled nursing facility, all of whom are not trained musicians. A round of applause for the final product! I really think it captures the essence of longing for springtime when it’s so close!

“Springtime in the Ozarks”                                                                                                              to the tune of Springtime in the Rockies

When it’s Springtime in the Ozarks                                                                                                  I’ll be dancing happily                                                                                                                    Little bluebirds on the hillside                                                                                                    With the flowers of love

 Once again I’ll say “I’ve missed you”                                                                                          While the sun shines all the day                                                                                                 When it’s Springtime in the Ozarks                                                                                                 In Missouri here I’ll stay

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2 Responses to #ThursdayTherapyTune: Songwriting with Older Adults

  1. John Lawrence MMT, NMT, MTA says:

    Here’s my version of that famous tune, written with the assistance of the elders with whom I work.

    When it’s Springtime on the Prairies,
    You never know if it’s gonna rain or snow.
    But there’s one thing you can be assured of,
    The wind is bound to BLOW (have residents “blow” out a candle)

    The lambs, the kids, piglets, and colts
    Run and jump and play,
    And the farmers get ready to plant their fields
    With Canola, corn and hay!

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