#MusicTherapy #LifeHack 2: Drums and the Rain

Today’s post is short and sweet and will hopefully keep your drum heads safe in this rainy spring weather! All you need is a drum and a shower cap! I’ve messed with larger trash bags and wrapping up my entire drum in the past which ends up causing frustration and takes more time than I have to get the job done. Now if it is raining hard, I would definitely go with wrapping your drum more so to keep it protected, but for light rain and a quick run from the car to inside (or vice versa) this method is great at keeping the most important part of the drum dry and it’s quick and easy to remove and put back on. I use a standard shower cap and it fits snugly on my 8-14″ drum heads. Hope you are all keeping yourselves and your instruments dry this rainy season!


14″ Remo Djembe

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