#ThursdayTherapyTune : Songwriting with Survivors

Tonight I have the privilege of attending the Gynecological (GYN) Cancer Alliance’s support group and I couldn’t be more excited to see these wonderful women again. Their courage, strength and optimism strikes me each time I am honored to be in their presence. Whether it be at the support group meetings, fundraiser events or treating them during their stay at the hospital, I am always so grateful to spend time with them whether we are just talking or engaging in a music therapy session.

Last year these ladies rewrote lyrics to an already popular tune in order to create a group “theme song”. This is an intervention music therapists often implement with patients, whether it be writing a song from scratch or changing an existing song using the original as a guide or starting point. Songwriting can be beneficial as it brings about a cohesion to the group through the process (though most certainly can be done with individuals), provides an opportunity for self expression and reflection, can serve as an excellent journaling tool, and it provides a creation that the patient can keep and reflect on for years to come. The song “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey was selected, due to its already fitting title, familiarity with the group and time constraints which did not allow for an original song. Within 30 minutes these ladies worked together to create a wonderful theme song that I often still perform for other survivors that I encounter in my day to day routine at the hospital. They chose to call themselves “GYNCA’s Women of Courage” and kept the original title. So let’s hear it for these COURAGEOUS and VICTORIOUS women and their inspirational theme song! It was an honor to assist you in creating a song for your voices 🙂

GYNCA Don't Stop Believing copy

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