Drum Roll Please!! Presenting the TOP 3 #ThursdayTherapyTune Posts

top3I can’t believe the year is halfway over! Is it really almost summertime? I’m on my way to Columbia this weekend for the Missouri Music Therapy Institute and have been super busy getting my piano course ready to roll! Due to the insane schedule I figured let’s have a day of reflection before summertime settles in for good. What better way to look back on the past 6 months than to review the TOP 3 Therapy Tune posts from this year as they are my personal favorites. These were the most popular posts based on all of our fans’ interest!

So here they are…. drum roll please!

3. Motor Movement with Ho Hey

In at #3 is one of the first Triple Ts recorded. Using a simple song with a simple chord structure, motor movement is encouraged very well, stimulating the brain and making those body parts want to move!

2. Oral Motor Overload

My personal favorite made the list at #2!  Kazoos, whistling and singing… all very effective ways to get those oral motor muscles working. And kudos to my amazing whistling hubby for being brave enough to show his stuff on the web! This is the only Triple T to have a special guest, and due to the response it got, we may have to feature more special guests in the future 😉

1. MWAMTA14 Twitter Rap

#1 comes to me as no surprise as it was a song compiled by the awesome music therapists in the midwestern region! MWAMTA 2014 will always hold a special place in my memories 🙂


So there you have it! The TOP 3 Thursday Therapy Tune videos of the year so far! Stay tuned and check in for the remainder of the year to see what other songs and videos make the cut!

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