Stand Like a Flamingo! #ThursdayTherapyTune for #GrossMotorSkills

STAND LIKE A FLAMINGHere is a great piggy-backed tune that I use for working on balance! I especially like using this song in the summertime because it’s all about Flamingos! Not only do kids learn about this pink feathered friend, they get an opportunity to work on balancing on one leg which can be a tricky motor skill to master.

I like to use my floor markers to have the kids move around to different spots to keep the song more active in between balance time. A large circle works really well with a group if you have the space. Since I have no models to help, I will rely on my beanie babies to help you visualize 😉

photo 1 All you have to do is sing the song and encourage your kiddos to “Stand Like a Flamingo” when the song lyrics direct the movement! I direct it as a “freeze game” where the music change cues that it’s time to “balance” and stop moving around the circle. See if they can balance on one foot until the music returns to normal. Adaptations can be made to work towards balancing on the leg without support, such as holding onto a nearby wall/table or placing something under the lifted leg to provide support, though this will make the use of the circle a bit tricky. Gradually you can remove the aids when you feel progress is being made to assess if balance can be achieved without assistance.  


Here’s the video of the song followed with an accompanying song sheet for your reference! Enjoy 🙂

Stand Like a Flamingo   <—– FREE Lead Sheet!

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