Summertime Instruments!

summerinstrumentsSummertime is here and many people like to incorporate summertime tunes into their fun. But why stop there? There are several instruments that work great in creating the summertime atmosphere that I often use with my clients. So here are my top 5! If you don’t have any of these instruments you may want to consider adding them to your summertime collection!

1. Ukulele– it just screams summertime! Plus it’s a great instrument to use with children due to the size and ease to play.

2. Ocean Drum- Especially for those of us here in the midwest where the ocean is far, far away. This drum creates the sound and feel of the ocean, whether you are working with children, encouraging reminiscence with older adults or trying to create a calming atmosphere using live music. One of my favorites for sure.

3. Steel drum- Not a lot of people I run into own one of these drums, but they certainly are useful in creating that “Island” atmosphere, plus they are easy to play!

4. Kazoos– I use a lot of kazoos in the summertime because they are fun for all ages and can access that inner child in older adults. I like to think that most of us believe that summertime is about having fun!

5. Slide Whistle– This is a great instrument for summer sound effects! I like to use this instrument to talk about going down the water slide, ending with a crash on the cymbal for the water splash. It works well for a variety of summertime sound effects including: slides at the park, jumping off a diving board, or cannonballs into the swimming pool.

So there you have it! My favorite go-to summertime instruments. If you have some of these in your collection be sure to include them in your summertime music lineup, and if not, remember them for the next time you go shopping and are in the mood for some summertime musical fun 🙂

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