6 “Eggcellent” Uses for Egg Shakers

egg shakersWho knew such a simple instrument could be so versatile? You can pick these little rhythmic gems up at most music stores, or can easily find them online. I love them because they are an inexpensive instrument (so you can purchase a lot for a little), they don’t take up a lot of room and they are pretty hard to destroy which means they are a great investment that will last a long time. I have an entire bucket full and am constantly finding ways to use them with groups and individuals of all ages and abilities. Here are some ideas to get you started!

1. Color identification/matching– Use a variety of eggs and encourage retrieval of a specific color. The reward for being correct… you get to play the egg! You can also match the eggs to objects of a similar color (I like to match them to shape drums or place in plastic cups of the same color)

2. Counting- Count the eggs as you fill an egg carton to a specific number, or count while putting the eggs away.

3. Spatial Awareness- shake em up high, shake em down low! Under your chair, behind your back, etc…

4. Body Awareness- shake em by your ear, shake em by your toe… shake em by your knee, shake em by your nose!

5. Hand Eye Coordination- pass an egg from left to right while shaking a beat, and maybe if you’re going for super coordination try juggling!

6. Repeating Rhythms- all you have to do is shake and you can create a rhythm. You can even use an egg in each hand to create rhythms using two hands instead of just one to make it a little more challenging.

Check back in on Thursday for some great songs to use with egg shakers!

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