Paddle Drum Egg Toss: Another Fun Musical Game!

IMG_8051Here’s another game that I use with groups from time to time. This game can be adapted to be used with different ages and there are endless adaptations for categories. For this post I will be sharing how I utilize the game with my nursing facilities.

Materials: All you need is an assortment of paddle drums (frame drums would also work great), egg shakers (or bean bags) and category cards. For my elder groups I like to use different decades of music as the categories (1920s, 1930s, 1940s, etc), though I have used different genres such as musicals, popular, country, etc.

Set up: Place the drums on the floor in any arrangement you wish with the category cards inside. Distribute an egg shaker to each participant. If playing in teams you can divide by color, giving half of the group one color of egg and the other half another color.

Play: Each participant receives a turn to toss their egg into a drum in front of them to select a category. A song from the category is presented in a name that tune fashion and the team guesses the title. When the title is identified, lead the group in a sing along. You can also use trivia or identification of singers instead of name that tune. Really the possibilities are endless!

So have fun with it and use your own creativity to make it fit best for your groups!

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