Reserve Your Spot! Adapted Lesson Openings in September!

privatelessonsBeginning in September openings are available for private lessons! Leslie Jones, MMT, MT-BC has been providing adaptive lessons for children with disabilities since 2005. Lessons are tailored specifically to maximize your child’s success based off of their current strengths and interests in music. Leslie does not use a particular method of teaching, and rather teaches in a manner which best suits your child and the way they learn. Musical preference is always considered, so no matter what kind of music your child wants to learn how to play, from classical to Lady Gaga, it will be added to the repertoire 🙂

You may be thinking…” I can’t even read music! This may be out of reach for my child!” Do not worry! Music does not have to be taught classically in order to be performed. In fact many famous musicians never learned how to read musical notation!! The important concept is for your child learn to play a musical instrument successfully, but did you know there are additional benefits that come along with learning an instrument?

5 Major Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument

1) improve cognitive processing

2) provide a rewarding leisure time activity

3) improve fine/gross motor skills

4)  improve attention span

5) improve self esteem

Overall, the biggest goal for private lessons is for your child to be SUCCESSFUL and HAVE FUN!

If you feel your child (or yourself!) may benefit from private lessons don’t hesitate to contact us! The amount of student times available are limited so contact us today to reserve your spot!


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