The Best “Moon” Songs to Sing with #OlderAdults

0001-23086002There have been so many different types of moons this year! With super moons over the summer, the harvest moon in September, and the most recent blood moon this week, it got me in the mood to sing songs all about moons with my older adult groups. This is my list of “moon songs” that I have found to be successful when working with this age group. You can use them for gross motor exercises, lyric recall, group singing, active music making… the possibilities go on and on! So have fun and be sure to sing some moon songs with your eldercare groups this fall!

1. Blue Moon– Rodgers & Hart (1934), The Marcels (1961)

2. Blue Moon of Kentucky– Bill Monroe (1946)

3. Shine on Harvest Moon– Bays & Norworth(1908)

4. By the Light of the Silvery Moon– (1909) Edwards & Madden

5. Moonlight Bay– (1912) Wenrich & Madden

6. It’s Only a Paper Moon– (1933) Arlen, Harburg & Rose

7. Fly Me to the Moon– (1954) Kaye Ballard, (1964) Frank Sinatra

8. Moonlight Serenade-(1939) Glenn Miller

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