Don’t Let it Scare You! #MusicTherapy Won’t Bite!

0001-28169192Halloween is just around the corner and I have been up to my eyeballs in music and interventions revolving around this “spooky” holiday. However, even though I have been singing about witches, ghosts and devils, there is not one part of my session that comes across as scary. That’s because it’s all in how you present things. One can present Halloween in a scary, anxiety filled manner, or focus on the lighter fun side of the holiday.  Just as there may be an initial fear when hearing the “word zombie”, this fear usually subsides very quickly once the realization that it won’t hurt you sets in. Music therapy doesn’t sound scary to most, but there are some people who are intimidated by it. People often are afraid of the unknown, and music therapy to most is unknown. What is music therapy? Can I be a part of it? Will it really help me?… The following are a few of the common fears that one may have when considering music therapy.

1. Singing (What if I can’t sing?… I don’t sing)

2. Playing an Instrument (The only thing I know how to play is the radio)

3. Reading Music (It’s like a foreign language to me)

4. Socializing with others (I’m not a people person)

To the person who feels that they can’t sing… or rather, doesn’t sing… I would reassure that you don’t have to consider yourself a singer to benefit or participate, and you most certainly do not have to sing. Though, people usually find themselves singing along once comfort has set in 😉

To the person who feels they need to know how to play an instrument or read music… Music therapy is tailored to be available to anyone who will benefit, not just musicians. In fact, most people who benefit from music therapy are not musicians at all! Music therapy is tailored to be a successful experience for everyone. Music therapists are educated in many ways to create NON-Musician Proof experiences. Meaning,  everyone will successfully make music and be an active part of the music making experience no matter if they have had years of musical training or no musical training at all.

To the person afraid of socializing… Musical experiences can be one of the most non-invasive ways to connect with others. Music can replace words which are sometimes hard to find, create an atmosphere of comfort and familiarity, help with self expression and bond people together. In a music therapy group, people come together to create music, share in discussions and create in the moment experiences that bring the group together as a cohered unit. However, if you are needing some time to work up to a group, individual sessions are always available 🙂

So don’t let any fears you have scare you away from music therapy. It is a fun, safe and inviting therapy that may be just what you are looking for!


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