The Most Important Way to Use Music with Your Baby

musicwithbabyOne of the things your baby enjoys most is the sound of your voice. Especially if you are mama, who baby heard first, your baby recognizes and enjoys hearing you speak. But baby also wants to hear you sing! Most people feel that they “can’t” sing and therefore choose to keep a strict talking relationship with their little one. I say… if you have a voice and can use it, you can sing! Baby does not care if you sound like Celine Dion or Adele. In baby’s world you are the diva, and baby wants a front row seat to your concert.

Not only does baby want to hear you sing, but baby’s brain wants to hear you sing. Unlike speech, which activates one hemisphere, singing activates areas all over your little one’s brain which will help stimulate development and cognitive processing. Try this with your baby: Sing a favorite simple song in a range that you are comfortable singing in. Note that I said simple. Since baby’s brain is still developing, music that is too busy won’t be processed as well. Keep to simple and repetitive melodies so that baby’s brain can easily process the sounds it hears. While singing, use an array of facial expressions and move your baby along in time with the music. You can bounce baby on your knee, clap their hands together or pat their feet together. By engaging your child in this one simple activity you are activating their cognitive processing, motor development and stimulating 3 of the 5 senses: sight, hearing, and touch. By hearing the music, baby’s brain is learning to process auditory stimulation (the pitch of your voice, the volume spoken in, where the music is coming from, the words being spoken, etc.). By watching you sing, baby’s brain is learning to decipher beginning speech and communication skills and perhaps imitating the sounds and facial expressions you are making.

It’s that simple! Such a simple activity to do with your child and it offers so many benefits! So remember… even if you don’t think you are qualified as a singer, your voice was tailor made for your child’s enjoyment. So sing to your baby every day and don’t be afraid! Baby will love every minute of it and will never judge you 🙂


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