Introductory Music & Wellness Workshop at 2B Well


You cannot deny the effect music has on human beings. Music can uplift our spirits, distract us from pain and motivate us to exercise… Music conjures up long lost memories… Music can help us learn and retain informtion… Music can create bonds between strangers… Music can bring us peace. Whether it be physical, emotional, cognitive, social or spiritual, it is fascinating how music can manipulate all of these, often times without us even being aware of it.

We all know that music can do these things, but often times we do not realize that we can use this to our advantage. By intentionally using music in our lives we can help bring balance to both our physical and emotional states. I utilize the effects of music everyday as a music therapist, and I want to help you learn more about how you can benefit your health and well-being by using music to your advantage.

I am so excited to officially announce the first Music & Wellness Workshop at 2B Well! This 2 hour workshop will engage participants in various musical interventions including group drumming, using the voice with toning and restorative music assisted guided imagery. Drumming and toning will provide the release we all need and the restorative portion will establish the balance. All of my workshops are hands-on and interactive, meaning you will be an active participant experiencing the benefits. And don’t worry, you do not need to have any musical knowledge or training to participate!

Here’s a little bit about what you can expect…

Be ready to DRUM: Did you know that drumming increases natural killer cells in our bodies? Simply by drumming you can help your body fight off cancer and other diseases, as it boosts your immune system. Learn about the science behind the benefits of drumming and experience how great it feels to release all of your built up stress and negative energy into the welcoming beat of a drum.

Be ready to use your VOICE:  I know probably about 75% of people who read this second one are a little apprehensive about the idea of using your voice, especially when you are not alone. But I want to calm any fears or anxiety you have about it, as the group setting is the safest place to share your voice, and most of what we will be doing is non-melodic and more along the lines of chanting than singing. We will use the voice to resonate the chakra system and bring balance and positive energy to the entire body. There are so many benefits that the simple act of singing and toning have on our bodies. My hope is you will walk away feeling a little less apprehensive about using your voice once you learn all of the benefits!

Be ready to RELAX: The best way to allow your body to find balance is to allow it to relax and restore. The class will end with a restorative music assisted guided imagery accompanied by live harp music. Music, deep breathing, relaxation and imagery are the perfect combination when one is looking to clear their mind and rest the body.

I am hoping to provide additional workshops focusing more intently on the different portions of in this workshop, and many others that have not been mentioned. I’m offering an introductory rate of only 15$ per person, which is an absolute steal for the amount of information and therapeutic experience provided during this 2 hour event. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, and I look forward to meeting more of the 2B Well community!

You can register for the event here! Space is limited!




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