3 Ways to Use Music Intentionally that Will Instantly Improve Your Day

3 Ways to-3We all know that music can be therapeutic… We all have songs that we relate to… We all have heard a song that touched us emotionally… We all know¬†songs that are tied to specific memories.

We all know that music affects us in some way and most of us listen to it every day…but are you using music intentionally? When I say intentionally, I mean, using music with a specific intended purpose. Perhaps to help you fall asleep at night, or while running around the block. Music is an easily accessible medium that we all can use to our benefit, especially if we use our music intentionally with a purpose. So here are 3 easy ways you can intentionally use music in your daily routine to help you feel better and make your day a bit better as well ūüôā

1. Make Emotion Playlists-¬†Most of us have playlists on our phones or computers¬†with countless different combinations and purposes. But do you have any playlists that are set to reflect specific emotions you often feel? If you don’t, this is a great project that will help you express yourself¬†quickly and effectively. Make playlists titled “Angry”, “Sad”, “Pumped Up”, “Relaxed”, etc. ¬†Not every person relates the same way to music, and that is why it is so important to use music that you know expresses or moves¬†YOUR¬†emotions the best. Once you have your playlists, use them by listening to the playlist of the emotion you are feeling to best help you express it. This is most important with negative emotions. Let your musical preferences and iTunes account help you express yourself¬†and you may be surprised how much it helps.

2. Put on Something Peppy and Dance- Whether or not you think you are a gifted dancer, it is a fun and easy way to get moving and burn calories. You may think of it as exercise, though I think dancing¬†sounds way more fun! ¬†So put on some music and dance around the room while you clean the house, or if your not the shy type, join a dance class and get moving. Music helps distract you from how long you’ve been exercising and motivates you to participate longer, so why wouldn’t you want to try it out?

3. Sing-¬†So maybe you are ok with dancing… but singing? Most people I meet do not like to sing and say that they “can’t sing”. Well, I’m telling all of you thinking this way that it does not matter whether you think you can sing or not. If you can physically do it, then¬†you should take advantage and reap the benefits! Sing by yourself in the car… in the shower… while your dancing and cleaning your house… just find a place where you are comfortable and sing like you mean it. I’m sure you have all heard that deep breathing is beneficial and we should do it everyday… but how often do you intentionally take deep breaths? If you are singing loud and proud I guarantee you are!¬†What a simple way to get some deep breathing in every day!

So there they are. These are three simple ways you can incorporate music into your daily routine to help with emotional expression, exercise, motivation and relaxation. Hope you all take the time to try at least one of them out today!

I’d love to hear some other ways you intentionally use music to help make the day better. Feel free to share in the comments below!


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