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Stress & Anxiety: How Can Music Help?

I am sure that every single person that reads this has turned to music on a stressful day. Music serves as a great distractor, a channel for expression and a go-to for increasing relaxation. But did you know there is … Continue reading

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Fall Favorites to Sing with Older Adults

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Fall is here and soon the leaves will be falling! I love this time of year and have been collecting various “Fall Time” songs to use with groups since I was an undergrad  years ago. Whether you are wanting to … Continue reading

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The Most Important Way to Use Music with Your Baby

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One of the things your baby enjoys most is the sound of your voice. Especially if you are mama, who baby heard first, your baby recognizes and enjoys hearing you speak. But baby also wants to hear you sing! Most people … Continue reading

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#ThursdayTherapyTune… The Ding-a-Ling Song featuring the Triangle

The song of the day is “My Ding-a-Ling” as performed most famously by Chuck Berry. If you have heard this Oldie Goldie, you may have thought to yourself “I would be the worst therapist in the world to teach this … Continue reading

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#ThursdayTherapyTune: Sing a Song!

Here is a great song for working on speech production! In continuing the singing theme this week I just couldn’t pass up this song! It is wonderful for speech (especially with children) and can be adapted to meet your therapy … Continue reading

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8 Reasons Why You Should Sing Every Day

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Many people think that if they aren’t considered a “good” singer, then they should just keep their voices silent. I believe this couldn’t be further from the truth! Our voice is the natural instrument that majority of us have and … Continue reading

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Your Brain On Music Part 1: 4 Facts You Should Know About Music’s Effect on the Brain

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The human brain is the most complex organ in the body and is responsible for deciphering all of the stimuli we encounter on a daily basis. One of the most common stimuli we encounter every day, throughout the day, is … Continue reading

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Thursday Therapy Tune: 3 in 1 Oral Motor Overload! with a Special Guest!

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes are making their therapy debut this morning as we talk about speech production! As a music therapist, I have worked with many patients on speech goals whether it be recovering speech from a brain … Continue reading

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