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Stress & Anxiety: How Can Music Help?

I am sure that every single person that reads this has turned to music on a stressful day. Music serves as a great distractor, a channel for expression and a go-to for increasing relaxation. But did you know there is … Continue reading

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Expanding Horizons: An Exciting New Journey in Wellness

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When people ask me why I chose to become a music therapist, I often contemplate different responses, because there are so many reasons why I did choose this amazing profession. But when I compare all of these reasons, there is … Continue reading

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8 Reasons Why You Should Sing Every Day

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Many people think that if they aren’t considered a “good” singer, then they should just keep their voices silent. I believe this couldn’t be further from the truth! Our voice is the natural instrument that majority of us have and … Continue reading

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Thursday Therapy Tune: Tornado

I’m sure everyone has had moments in their lives where they have been angry. In fact I know you all have! Anger is one of those emotions that people tend to have trouble expressing so I invite you to consider … Continue reading

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5 Things You Need to Know About Music Therapy

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One of the questions I constantly hear in my day to day practice is “what is music therapy?” which is usually followed by “I’ve never heard of it before.” If you are one of the people who are unaware of … Continue reading

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#MTADVOCACY Month: The End is Just the Beginning of Possibilities!

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So this entire month has been Social Media Awareness month for music therapy advocacy. As some of you can tell I have been back on the web and putting out new blogs, Facebook posts and even a song! I want … Continue reading

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Music Therapy Vs. Supportive Music: There is a BIG difference

Most people have witnessed the volunteer musicians at the hospitals here in our area. Sometimes they are playing music in the lobby and there are the harpists that provide supportive bedside music. Often times these musicians are referred to as … Continue reading

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