“… we are just so appreciative… and would recommend it to anyone… It’s so wonderful as the mother of a special needs child to find something that your child really enjoys… It’s so refreshing to have that one hour a week when you get to watch your kid smile and sing and laugh….and all the while, you know he’s learning too!” – Kristi Lundgren, Mother

“…Music therapy is THE best therapy my child has ever received. It’s so great to see your child actually enjoy therapy and not even realize they are working. I’m very grateful for all the years and love that Leslie has shown to my child! She’s Amazing!”Jenny Eaton, Mother

“The clients served by GYN Cancers Alliance can’t say enough great things about Leslie Jones and the benefits of music therapy!  Many of our ladies are in the fight for their life, and music takes them away from that fight if even for a little while and replaces it with smiles, laughter and song.  Creative juices begin to flow and makes all things possible during an evening enjoying a variety of instruments and writing new lyrics to old standards.  Leslie inspires us all to sing “outside our box” … in other words, sing like no one is listening!  We’re sure her book could be titled, “Music Therapy for the Soul,” because it’s just that awesome! We love you, Leslie, and the music you bring to all the lives you touch!”- Jan Robbins, Executive Director, GYN Cancers Alliance

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Leslie Jones for any business pertaining to music therapy… She doesn’t rely on traditional methods… Everything is customized and she puts her whole heart into everything she does. She is one of the best music therapists in the area.” Kelli Maddock, former music therapy student at Drury University

“I have the privilege to work with women battling cancer… Music therapy helps our patients ease into their day… Each patient gets something different from their Music Therapy time with Leslie. As a nurse observing the response, I can tell this time is healing and is therapeutic for many of our patients.”Beki Rhein, RN, Mercy Hospital in Springfield

“I have been working with the same individual for 13 years… he seems to love his Music Therapy Class with Leslie…These classes were not just fun but taught the person to follow directions….to talk in sentences… It made him happy!… Leslie made a difference in his quality of life. I highly recommend her as a Music Therapist!”Gail Murphy, Direct Support Professional, Nova Center of the Ozarks

“Leslie is a “top of the line” music therapist. Leslie has provided music therapy for my son, for the past few years… she manages to make each session a fun learning experience…Leslie is the best! I also was involved in a cancer survivor support group conducted by Leslie… she is great at providing therapy for clients of all ages with varying needs.”JoAn Johnson, Mother and cancer Survivor

“… My most favorite memory of practicing music therapy with Leslie was when she led a drum circle and lyric analysis with a group of teens who were recovering from drug abuse. She captivated the teens attention and helped them to express themselves first musically, and when/if they felt comfortable,  verbally. It was amazing to see those kids open up and share their experiences…” Megan Marler, Music Therapist at Easter Seals Midwest

“Music always brings a smile to Peter’s face, but none like the smile he has when he is with Leslie! He looks forward to seeing her and hates when his time is over. Peter has achieved amazing skills through her use of patience, compassion and her genuine desire to challenge him to move beyond what he thinks he is capable of. He sees her love of music and her enthusiasm for her work, and is drawn in to the process of using music to work on gross motor and fine motor skills in a fun and rewarding way! He loves Miss Leslie!“- Lisa Slattery, Mother


Share with us your music therapy experience! We’d love to hear what you have to say!


We would love to hear what you have to say!