Egg Shaker Songs for Kids!

eggshakerkidsToday’s post features two children songs that are great for using with egg shakers! These two songs come from The Laurie Berkner Band, and I love to use them with my children groups. If you haven’t heard of them, make sure to look them up! Lots of great music! The first song is an obvious egg shaking song, but the second I do change the words up a bit to make it work. So here they are…



1. I Know a Chicken- This song is PERFECT for shaking eggs as that is exactly what it is about! You can use the song as is, with elements such as “shake em fast”, “shake em slow” or you can add spatial cues such as “shake em behind your back…above your head…under your chair…etc.”

2. Pig on Her Head– This song is great for teaching animals (as was its original purpose), but I have also adapted the lyrics to work on body awareness. Instead of saying “Sally has a pig on her head”, I’ll sing “Sally has an egg on her head”. This way you can use egg shakers in the song to incorporate a musical element for the kids and you can change up different body parts throughout the song. If leading a group you can ask each child to pick a body part to shake the eggs by and have the remainder of the group imitate!

So make sure you check out The Laurie Berkner Band if you haven’t already! Great songs for music therapists, teachers, and parents! For more great songs you can use with egg shakers check out last week’s post.

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2 Responses to Egg Shaker Songs for Kids!

  1. So much fun! We love to model different ways of getting sounds and rhythms out of the egg shaker with our child. Just last week we were shaking the egg like a cabasa!

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