My Favorite Goodbye Song from Summer 2014

favbyeThe Song: We Are Done

The Artist: The Madden Brothers

For this week’s Thursday Therapy Tune I’m featuring a song that I mentioned on my post on songs for whistling a few weeks ago. I ran across this song listening to Pandora one day this summer and instantly began thinking of its uses for therapy. Not only does this song incorporate whistling (which can easily be adapted with kazoos), but there is a repetition of the word “done” which is great for speech and language skills. My favorite part of the song, however, are the lyrics which provide the perfect wrap up for the end of a therapy session. Whether you are with younger children, adolescents or adults, this song has a warm and inviting quality to it making it appropriate for a variety of settings.

As I mentioned previously, my favorite part of this song is the adaptability of the lyrics. There are a variety of ways you can present the song and you don’t have to do much to change it to make it work.

You can use simply the pre chorus alone:

“Done, done done, done, done, done we are done” <– (Perfect opportunity for some speech work!)

Or can incorporate the first verse:

“I want you to know, it’s time to go. Yeah we are done. I want you to see that i need to be free”

Or the chorus:

“Done with being the silent many. Every voice rings out and carries. No we won’t just go back home without you hearing the sound when the many say… we are done.”

With those 3 sections you can come up with a variety of ways to present this as a goodbye song and you can use the original lyrics without having to change anything which always makes life a little easier!

So there you have my favorite goodbye song from the summer of 2014. I’ve had a lot of fun with this one and I hope you will too! You can check it out below if you haven’t heard it before 🙂

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