Musical Christmas Cards

DesignChristmas cards… they are lovely, and we all enjoy getting them, but what do you do with them when the holidays are over? I have trouble letting them go and always try to reuse them in different creative ways. This year I decided to use a few of my favorite cards in my assisted living groups for a name that tune game and it went over very well. So well, in fact, that I decided to share it!

Due to the familiarity most have with Christmas music, a simple name that tune game is often too easy for the group during the holidays. In order to get the brain working a little harder, I decided to provide lyrics without any musical accompaniment or melody. This way the brain is having to recall the melody while reading the lyrics (or hearing the lyrics spoken) which makes the task a little more difficult. Once the melody is recalled, then the song can be identified.

All I used to create this game was several of my favorite past Christmas cards, construction paper, glue and a printer, though you could easily use a marker if you are comfortable enough with your handwriting. Just cut the card at the seam and keep the picture side. The back should be blank, providing plenty of space to write/attach the song lyric. Make as many as you want and you are done! Sounds simple enough right? 😉

To provide an additional visual clue, I paired song lyrics with the subject matter on the card. For example, I used Santa cards for songs about Santa, angel cards for angels, etc.

Back of Card

Back of Card

Front of Card

Front of Card

When you are finished you can use them any way you would like! You can divide the group into teams and have them work to identify as many as they can, or negate the game entirely and have the group identify the song titles together as volunteers choose a card and read the lyric aloud to the group. I always perform the song for a group sing along and lyric recall once the song is identified to provide additional enjoyment and cognitive stimulation 😉

I had a great time sifting through old cards and pairing them with lyrics this week. I know that I plan on using the cards a few more times this holiday season with my groups and may find even more ways to use them! So whether or not you use your Christmas cards for a name that tune game, I hope you find a way to get creative with them so they get a second chance to shine!



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