Expanding Horizons: An Exciting New Journey in Wellness

0001-55069642When people ask me why I chose to become a music therapist, I often contemplate different responses, because there are so many reasons why I did choose this amazing profession. But when I compare all of these reasons, there is one that I feel outweighs the others.

I chose to become a music therapist, because I am moved by the effect music has on human beings. Whether it be physical, emotional, cognitive, social or spiritual, I am fascinated by the way music can manipulate all of these things, often times without us even being aware of it.

Music can distract us from pain and motivate us to exercise… Music can make us cry and even give us goosebumps… Music can help us learn and retain information… Music can create bonds between strangers… Music can bring us peace.

Neurologist and music therapy advocate, Oliver Sacks, may he rest in peace, was one of the first people to influence me. His books were some of the first I ever read about how music affects the brain. Amazing stories that make you think it’s magic, but then you dig further and find research upon research that demonstrate music’s influence on numerous topics. Music therapy is a science, and that further pulled me into the belief that this was my path.

I chose to become a music therapist because I am moved by the effect music has on human beings…. and I want to help others embrace and utilize music to bring balance to their lives and support their health and well-being. And now, I will be able to do that even more.

IMG_3690I am pleased to announce that as of September 1, 2015 I will be joining the fantastic group of providers at 2B Well Yoga and  Integrative  Center!

This center supports the same belief as me.  When we have ailments, we need to not only heal ourselves physically, but also mentally, and spiritually. Whether it be recovering from a head injury, a cancer diagnosis, or grieving the loss of a loved one, the best way for us to heal is to heal “whole”.

This amazing integrative center offers a variety of therapeutic yoga classes, massage therapy, reflexology, counseling and much more. I can’t wait to start this new chapter of the business, and I am looking forward to working alongside all of the fantastic providers at 2B Well. You can check them all out here!

Join our mailing list or follow us on social media to keep informed on up-coming music therapy drumming events, (because you know I’m going to have to break the place in!), classes or workshops.

Music & Wellness Consultations and Individual Therapy sessions are currently available. Check out the updated Services page to learn more. Though not all services are immediately available, arrangements can be made so don’t hesitate to contact us to ask!


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