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Musical Bridges Music Therapy was founded in 2011 by Leslie Jones and is located in Springfield Missouri. Our mission is to provide quality music therapy services to all ages and populations and to spread the awareness of music therapy in the community. Music is all around us. On the radio, the television, telephones, elevators, grocery stores, etc. The list is never ending! We encourage you to discover how this wonderful gift of music can help improve your daily life. Whether it’s as simple as putting a smile on your face, or helping you overcome a greater obstacle in life, music may be just the connection, or “bridge”, that you have been looking for.

About Leslie

Leslie Jones, MMT, MT-BC, is the primary therapist and founder of Musical Bridges Music Therapy in Springfield, MO. She holds a masters degree in Music Therapy from Drury University. After completing a music therapy internship for MusicWorx of California in San Diego, she received her Board Certification in Music Therapy in 2008. Prior to the launch of Musical Bridges, Leslie has provided services for the Drury Center for Music Therapy and Wellness. In addition to providing therapy services, she also serves as a clinical supervisor for the music therapy students at the university and has taught part time on the music therapy staff. Leslie has experience working with many populations and settings including developmental disabilities, skilled nursing facilities, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, eating disorders, substance abuse, oncology, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, hospice, wellness and integrative medicine programs and has provided various support groups.  She currently is providing services for Mercy Hospital, children/adults with autism and other developmental disabilities, skilled nursing facilities including memory care, substance abuse rehabilitation programs, support and wellness groups, and various individual clients. Leslie also provides adaptive music lessons for piano and guitar.

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